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Mattel make Barbie bald version

Mattel make Barbie bald version

CHILD statue manufacturers released bald Barbie version, Mattel to support campaign to reduce the negative views on cancer patients.

The Company support Health campaign

LONDON: Mattel will release version statue with bald version to support two parents who launched a campaign to reduce the negative views of their children after the loss of hair due to cancer treatment.

Mattel spokesman, Alan Hilowitz confirms that the doll will be released complete with a wig, hat, scarves and accessories that are classified as ‘a friend’ Barbie.

He said it would give the traditional fashion play experience and will give users the option to remove the wig and wearing a head covering, reports Sky News.

Both mother launched a campaign “bald and beautiful”, which get more than 150,000 people on Facebook who like it.

The concept is aimed at reducing stigma among children for treatment or who are associated with conditions such as alopecia (hair loss) and Trichotillomania.

Co-founder of the campaign, Jane Bingham said she did not expect it can gather momentum, which also help those who have lost hair.

“We thought it was just popular among many people only, but we do not expect it so popular around the world and through the media,” he was quoted from CBS News.

“It’s very good, we cannot do it. They will not listen to us if it was only a few people who write about it, “he said.

After meeting with several other parents in similar circumstances through online chat rooms pregnancy, Rebbeca Sypin, they finally come up with ideas to help the children.

Those behind the campaign said that they did not try to bully a company with such action, but instead try to focus on a number of children who suffer from the problem.

“We do not ask, we do not want people to boycott,” said Sypin when asked about the plans. – Agency

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