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Girl found 160 million year old fossil

Cotswold Water Park, Britain – A five-year-old girl, Emily Baldry discovered the fossil shells over 160 million years after digging the soil with a shovel that is often used to build sandcastles, a newspaper said yesterday.

Emily discovered the fossil, weighing 57 kilograms, which is rarely found in the Cotswold Water Park area here with the help of his father Jon, 40,in March last year.

Complete fossil is 40.6 cm in diameter was derived from animals that have a shell mollusk that live in the ocean.

Emily BALDRY found shells more than 160 million years old at the Cotswold Water Park, Britain in March last year.

It is now kept at the family residence here after it was exhibited to the public.

Shell was named Spike by Emily.

After the shell was found, she handed it over to a geologist, Neville Hollingworth to clean.

Emily, now six years old was happy to see that look shiny shell while it is displayed in the Gateway Information Centre near Cirencester on Sunday.

According to Emily’s father, a shell would be brought back to the house after the period of exhibited ended. – Agencies

source: kosmo.com.my

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