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Giant Crocodile Eat Antelope

Paolo Torchio successfully photographed over 6.4 meter crocodile devouring an antelope in a river in the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya.

NATIONAL PARKS MAASAI MARA, Kenya РA giant crocodile  over 6.4meters, weighing 136 kilograms devours an antelope here, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

Action crocodile devours animals could be recorded by the renowned photographer, Paolo Torchio from Italy in a river here.

According Torchio, the incident makes a person think that how small we are in the animal world.

The river was filled with the carcass while it is trying to migrate from Tanzania to Kenya.

Two weeks ago, a group of people in the city Bunawan, the Philippines managed to catch a crocodile over 6.1 meters alive.

The crocodile is now housed in a cage and it is believed the largest crocodile ever captured alive in the world. – Agencies

source: kosmo.com.my

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