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Fattest woman in the world

Pauline blame the genes.

Sacramento: A woman who is now weighed 317.51 kilograms (700 pounds) is officially the fattest woman in the world.

Pauline Potter, 47 years old from Sacramento, California, says she now intends to reduce weight in order to enjoy life again.

Pauline claimed, the man previously thought she is `sex goddess and she has sex every day.

But now, she had a difficult life and cannot be turned around in her sleep, not fit to enter the car.

She wants to reduce her weight to 91 pounds if she wanted to return to dance, go for a stroll or just sit in a chair in the theater.

World record holder blames the way she grew up, causing his weight up.

She said the seed is fat and he had as a child, his life surrounded by food.

Her Weight is 181 pounds, my mother and my father were more than 272 pounds, she said.

I have eight siblings and they all have a weight exceeding 136 kg, except one.

Every time we celebrate something, we’ll eat. When sad, fallen or injured knees, we will be persuaded ice cream.

Pauline said she had repeatedly defer to lose weight, but this time she decided that she should take action to reduce the size of her body because she was difficult to live and have to rely on her son. -DM

source: Hmetro.com.my

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