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Sunburns can be one of three different degrees, with the most dangerous needing a severe sunburn treatment. Depending upon the symptoms that manifest, you can tell which degree on sunburn you have. In this article we’ll discuss the three degrees of sunburn and how you can tell if you need to rush to the ER for professional medical help or whether you can use home remedies for sunburn.

First Degree Sunburns – Almost everyone has this milder type of sunburn on a yearly basis. With these, you have red skin and pain, but not water blisters and probably not much swelling. You should take cool baths or cool low-pressure showers and apply an aloe-based lotion or jell.

There may be some peeling, if so keep the peeling skin moisturized and treat it with TLC. If you need pain medication, take aspirin or Ibuprofen as directed on the package

Second Degree Sunburns – These are more serious, but these can still be treated at-home and do not necessitate professional medical help. With these 2nd degree burns you have red skin, pain, but now you also have unsightly and painful water blisters.

Again, as soon as you discover that you are burned, take cool oatmeal baths or low-pressure showers, or you could also use cool compresses. If you decide to use the cool compresses, make them from some soft material like a soft towel. Use the aloe-based lotion to keep the sunburned areas moist. Note: Use aloe or other plant extract-based moisturizer. DO NOT apply butter, or petroleum-based products as a sunburn treatment. These tend to clog the skin pores, drive the heat down, and could cause infection.

Leave the water bubbles alone; do not pop them as they form a protective layer and help prevent infection. Be gentle with your peeling skin and resist the urge to peel back more than is ready to come off.

Take OTC pain medication such as aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Ibuprofen as directed on the box. Continue taking the medication, as directed, until the redness and pain recede.

Third Degree Burns – These are the type of burns that are the most serious and necessitate immediate professional medical attention. With these sunburn you will definitely need a severe sunburn treatment. They are easily recognizable as they are characterized by pain, redness, swelling, tightness of skin, blisters that are more then two inches in diameter, and white patches of skin within the sunburned area.

Additionally, if your sunburn covers a large part of your body with blisters (even if they are smaller than 2″ in diameter, or if you have severe pain or a high fever, or if your sunburn doesn’t markedly improve within a few days.

WARNING! In no case should you delay treatment of sunburn if you have sustained a 3rd degree sunburn. If you are on a beach vacation, do not wait until you get home to seek medical help, get yourself to the nearest emergency room.

So, 1st and 2nd degree sunburns can be treated with home remedies for sunburn, but the much more serious 3rd degree sunburns require a severe sunburn treatment administered by a medical professional.

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